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Augustinian Monastery (Old Palace)

The present monastery building on Herrenchiemsee was constructed in the baroque era. The four wings enclose a large, almost rectangular courtyard with an idyllic rose garden.


Picture: Augustinian Monastery

The convent tract (east wing) with halls and monks' cells was built in 1645-49, the brewery tract (west wing) in 1661-65. In the princes' tract (south wing), which dates from 1700-16, were the monastery kitchen, state halls and accommodation for noble guests. The courtyard was closed off with the prelacy tract (north wing), built in 1727-30.


Picture: Ground plan

The Convent tract and Princes' Tract houses a modern museum and the Maler am Chiemsee Gallery with a selection of over fifty masterpieces by painters working on Lake Chiemsee.

The Julius Exter Art Gallery is located in the Prelacy Tract and features around 100 paintings from all of the artist's creative periods.

The "Platanensaal" (Hall of Planes) with its view of the Fraueninsel was planted in 1893.

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