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Herrenchiemsee New Palace

Palace tour

The tour of the palace starts in the Vestibule and goes via the State Staircase on to the first floor (see plan). From there it leads via the northern staircase back to the ground floor where it ends with a visit in the bathroom and the robing chamber.


Rooms on the first floor

Please click on a number in the plan or on a room in the legend for a view of the interior.

Plan of Herrenchiemsee Palace (first floor)

Picture: Plan of Herrenchiemsee Palace (first floor) Link to the State Staircase Link to the Royal Bodyguard Room Link to the First Antechamber Link to the Second Antechamber Link to the State Bedchamber Link to the Council Chamber Link to the Great Hall of Mirrors Link to the Hall of Peace Link to the Hall of War Link to the Bedroom Link to the Blue Salon Link to the Writing Room Link to the Dining Room Link to the Porcelain Room Link to the Small Gallery Link to the Northern Staircase


1   State Staircase
2   Royal Bodyguard Room
3   First Antechamber
4   Second Antechamber
5   State Bedchamber
6   Council Chamber
7   Great Hall of Mirrors
8   Hall of Peace
9   Hall of War
10 Bedroom
11 Blue Salon
12 Writing Room
13 Dining Room
14 Porcelain Room
15 Small Gallery
16 Northern Staircase


Rooms on the ground floor

From the Northern Staircase the tour leads via a passage where the mechanism for the magic table in the dining room is installed on to the last two rooms, the Bathroom and the Robing Chamber.

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